Title: Evaluating and Supporting Early Childhood Educators: Online Hybrid
Date: 02/01/2023 - 03/01/2023
Duration: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Days: 29 Days
Location (Region): Online
Location Name: Live Virtual
Registration link: http://www.njccis.com/
Training Description: NJCCIS Event: 134203

This course is delivered in a hybrid format using both live virtual sessions through a video conferencing program and independent activities through Canvas, an online learning platform. Evaluating and Supporting Early Childhood Educators is designed to help directors, coaches, and other education leaders learn how to evaluate and support early childhood teachers in ways that encourage and enable them to do their best work with children. This interactive hybrid training series is delivered for a cohort of participants over a four-week period. Each week will include both live virtual sessions facilitated by an instructor and independent work such as practice activities and discussion boards. Participants must complete all live virtual sessions and independent work in order to receive credit for the course.