Title: GOLDĀ®: Using the Assessment Cycle to Strengthen Teaching and Learning : Live Virtual
Date: 08/09/2023 - 08/10/2023
Duration: 10:00am - 1:00pm
Days: 2 Days
Location (Region): Online
Location Name: Live Virtual
Registration link: http://www.njccis.com/
Training Description: NJCCIS Event ID: 136895

This virtual training is facilitated over a video conferencing program. During this 2-day, live virtual advanced GOLD® session, participants will carefully examine the four steps in the assessment cycle: observe and collect information, analyze and respond, evaluate, and summarize, plan, and communicate. Participants will learn how observations inform ongoing formative assessment and will identify the characteristics of high-quality objective documentation. Additionally, participants will refine their observation skills and practice identifying the indicators that best describe a child's unique strengths. Participants will be introduced to the Observe, Reflect, and Respond cycle and learn how to develop responsive instructional plans. Reporting tools available in MyTeachingStrategies® allow teachers and administrators to visualize classroom trends and adjust support to ensure the success of every child, and participants will generate, review, and interpret essential GOLD® reports for creating meaningful individualized learning experiences for children. Participants will also explore resources that support communication with families and professionals involved in children’s development and learning. This course is appropriate for programs with children of all ages, including Family Child Care programs. Participants should have at least 6-18 months of experience using GOLD and already completed their first checkpoint prior to taking this class.